Leech Lake Tribal Development Division

The Tribal Development Division was establish to coordinate and administer development activities on the behalf of the Leech Lake Band of OJibwe.  The Tribal Development Division consists of planning, grant administration, infrastructure, and economic development.  Tribal Development also assists inter-divisional entities in grant curation and assistance.  The goal of the division is to work collectively with all entities to move LLBO forward and create sustaining progress for future generations.



"The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe envisions an empowered community rooted in core traditional values, culture, and spirituality, which will sustain our unique identity, tribal sovereignty, resources, and create healthy opportunities in education, employment, personal and economic development and promote self-sufficiency and independence"


"The Mission of the Tribal Development Division is to carry out its responsibilities and mandates in a manner that fosters and encourages long-term, holistic and sustainable development within the territory of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe with the goal of protecting and maintaining our Anishinabe way-of-life now and seven generations into the future."


economic development

Macro policies and regulatory reforms set important conditions for growth and access to opportunity, it is ultimately the role of local and regional actors and institutions to address the unique market failures and opportunities in their community. Success is dependent upon local leaders’ ability to effectively set goals, organize firms, and reach out to target populations in ways that result in a new job for a worker and a skilled hire for an employer.

This is why it’s imperative for regional leaders, and business partners, to encourage economic development. It’s time to expand the goals and vision of economic development—beyond one-time job creation schemes or siloed, one-off programs—to create better outcomes for people, firms, and communities.

Tribal Development serves as the catalyst for existing and new development.  The goal is to research, plan, and implement long-term objectives to create economic viability for the Band.  We achieve this through cooperation and collaboration with other LLBO Divisions to collectively grow and move the Band forward.

major projects

There are no substitutes for infrastructure development and there are no shortcuts for faster economic growth. It is only when these aspects are taken care of that nations develop.  Therefore, unless developing communities invest in all elements of the infrastructure component, the development would be slow and would lose out in the race for economic competitiveness. This is the hard truth and the bitter reality which should prompt LLBO to invest in infrastructure.

Tribal Development believes infrastructure supports all aspects of nation building via economic growth and job creation.  Major projects include all aspect of Tribal Development services ranging from capital, research, project management, and overall development.  

Tribal Development provides support services - as the point of contact - to coordinate and align visions and goals of projects.

How are projects determined?

Grants and major projects are determined based on grantors and agencies funding requirements.  Grants are often submitted to Divisions for review to determine if  the grant is viable, executable, compatible with existing grants, etc.  There are various type of grants ranging from capital funding, matching, reimbursement, etc. all of which require extensive review and necessary planning with multiple parties. Most grants cannot be applied for nor worth adding due to logistical issues that may arise. 

Major Projects are determined based both funding and community needs.  Direct funding constitute a portion of necessary capital.  However, grants will be the main contributor to major projects, with direct funding available for post-completion as ongoing maintenance and operational expense.  Therefore, multiple factors must be aligned in order for major projects to be considered and approved. 

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