Planning Department

Nancy Stevens, Senior Accountant/Administrator
Val Pacheco, Planner
Randy Finn, Division Director
Tami Jackson, Administrative Assistant
Wendy Jourdain, Planner
Amarin Chanthorn, Planner

Economic Development

Mike Jones, Planner/Developer


Sally Fineday, Department Director
David Devault, Maintenance/Installer
Karmen Fairbanks, Sales Representative
Richard Schulman, Technical Support

Physical Address:

108 Balsam Ave. NW
Cass Lake, MN, 56633
(218) 335-8263

Mailing Address:

190 Sail Star Drive NW
Cass Lake, MN, 56633
(218) 335-8263

Visit us at our new location across from the Women's Services Center and the Cass Lake Mini-Mart.  

We have an open door policy and all are welcome.


Contact Us

Please contact us with any concerns or inquiries you may have.  Please allow for ample time to respond as personnel resources are limited.  


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